What Kind of Elf are You? Quiz | Christmas Farm Inn & Spa
Summer Activities include Story Land NH, Hiking White Mountains & Biking

What Kind of Elf are You?


What Kind of Elf are You? Quiz

Take our short quiz featuring many of the amazing offerings found in the White Mountains. Click on the box with your answer for each question. Once you complete the quiz, you’ll find out what kind of elf you are an can share with your friends on Facebook if you want. Enjoy!!!

Dear All,

The Christmas Farm Inn & Spa has closed its doors until May 4th for the safety of our guests and team. This breaks our hearts, but is necessary and right.

However, we are trying to stay positive and look ahead to sunnier and happier times; our Front Desk will be staffed daily from 10am to 4pm for reservations, gift card sales and queries.

Please consider helping us weather this storm by:
• Moving your spring reservation to another date rather than cancelling it.
• Making a reservation for the summer or fall, online or by phone. We thank you in advance!
• Buying a gift card for future use and receiving an extra 10% bonus from us.

We miss our guests and team more than we can say.

Until we meet again, stay healthy and happy.

Gary and Sandra