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White Mountain Biking

White Mountain Biking


Mountain Biking Near Jackson NH

If your idea of a relaxing weekend involves a racing heart and exploring hundreds of miles of biking trails and paved roads, the White Mountains is the place for you! No matter what kind of biker you are or how long it has been since you rode, the White Mountains is the perfect place for biking. There are plenty of downhill trails, winding gravel paths, and bike-centric events to keep everyone interested!

The terrain is ideal for fast, downhill mountain biking and also for those who enjoy taking slow, leisurely rides. Hundreds of miles of easy, smooth bike trails include breathtaking sights and incredible countryside views. You might even make a new friend along the way! 

A few trails near the surrounding area are:

Lake Winnisquam Scenic Trail:

WOW Trail:

Blackmount Rail Trail:

  • Length—5 miles
  • Surface—Cinder, gravel, woodchips
  • Category—Rail-trail
  • Bike Rental—High-Intensity Bike Shop

Franconia Notch Recreation Path:

Mountain Division Trail:

  • Length—9.7 miles
  • Surface—Asphalt and gravel
  • Category—Rail-trail
  • Bike Rental—Downeast Bicycle

Cotton Valley Rail-Trail:

  • Length—12 miles
  • Surface—Gravel
  • Category—Rail-trail
  • Bike Rental—Wake Winni

Great Glen Trails

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you do White Mountain biking on a road? Yes, it’s legal to ride a mountain bike on any road that allows bicycles.
  • What is the longest White Mountain biking trail near Jackson, NH? Great Glen Trails is 28 miles total in length.
  • How much does a mountain bike weigh? Mountain bikes weigh anything from 20 lbs (9kg) to 40 lbs (18kg), with the average weight being around 30lbs (14,6kg).
  • What is the shortest White Mountain biking trail near Jackson, NH? Lake Winnisquam Scenic Trail is just 1.8 miles long.
  • What should I wear when White Mountain biking? Always wear a helmet when biking, but apart from that wear whatever you feel most comfortable in.
  • Are there any woodchip or cinder White Mountain biking trails near Jackson, NH? Blackmount Rail Trail’s surface is made from cinder, woodchips, and gravel.
  • When White Mountain biking, why do I need to be able to get off the bike on both sides? Being able to dismount your bike on both the left and right side will allow you to select the safest option when you’re on variable terrain.
  • What is the best greenway White Mountain biking trail near Jackson, NH? Our favorite is Franconia Notch Recreation Path.
  • Who has the right of way on White Mountain trails? Generally speaking, hikers, runners, and horses have the right of way before White Mountain bikers.
  • Which White Mountain trails near Jackson, NH does Highland Mountain Bike Park provide rentals for? Highland Mountain Bike Park is near WOW Trail and Lake Winnisquam Scenic Trail.

History of Christmas Farm Inn Name

The Inn is not 'Christmas themed' but rather received its name from the gifting of the property at Christmas time – renamed the ‘Christmas Farm’ in honor of the season and spirit of the gift.