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Ice Castles in NH


“What an AMAZING experience from start to finish! The colors are so beautiful.”

— A review of the ice castles in NH

You owe it to yourself to visit the ice castles in NH.

Tip: Buy your tickets well ahead of time as they DO sell out fast. Standby Tickets are NOT guaranteed – you risk not being able to enter if you do not have a pre-paid ticket. There are no bathrooms, so we strongly suggest you stop before you arrive. The ice slides aren’t just for the kids. The attraction includes a high-energy fire show that will amaze you with performers using many different manipulation props including fire breathing, spinning, hula, and more. Check the website to make sure they will be performing when you visit if that is part of what you want to see.

What to Expect When You Arrive at the Ice Castles in NH

A staff member is nearby when entering the castle and explains how the ice is formed and carved into the many lighted shapes needed to complete the enormous castle structure. There are also many activities worked into the structure to amuse young children and adults alike.

Plan on staying awhile as kids will not want to stop crawling through the tunnels. There are lots of beautiful spots for photo ops. Dress warm and wear your snow boots.

The ice castles in NH are a must-see trip and added bonus to any ski trip.

To learn more about the ice castles in NH, visit

Frequently Asked Questions About Ice Castles in NH


Are military discounts available?

Yes, active duty members and veterans as well as their immediate family members receive a 15% discount when using the promo code “military22” online. Tickets must be purchased online in advance to receive the discount, and you must present your military ID at the entrance.

Is there a senior discount?

Also yes, people 55 years old and above can also get 15% off their tickets to the ice castles in NH. Tickets must be purchased online in advance to receive the discount, and you must present a valid ID at the entrance.

Is there snow tubing at this location?

You’re in luck, snow tubing is only available at the ice castles in NH!

Can my family go on a sleigh ride?

Yes, horse-drawn sleigh rides are available at the North Hampshire location. You will be taken on a scenic adventure along an illuminated trail through the woods.

Are only kids allowed on the ice slides?

Not at all, anyone can ride! Ice slides of various sizes/lengths are created at each ice castle location every year.

How did these ice castles get started?

The founder Brent Christensen built an ice cave for his daughter in his yard, and the rest is history!

What holidays do the ice castles in NH close down for?

The only holiday that the ice castles close for is Christmas day.

Where can I find the answer to any other questions I have?

On the ice castles in NH website, located at the weblink above!

History of Christmas Farm Inn Name

The Inn is not 'Christmas themed' but rather received its name from the gifting of the property at Christmas time – renamed the ‘Christmas Farm’ in honor of the season and spirit of the gift.