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Monday – Saturday:
10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

massage at the Christmas Farm Inn Spa

Ready for your Jackson NH Spa Massage?

At the Spa at Christmas Farm Inn we strive every day to offer you the best facilities, therapists, products and prices. Every spa guest enjoys all our extended facilities such as our indoor pool, hot tub and fitness center as well as seasonal outdoor pool. Gratuity for your therapist is at your discretion.

AVEDA Aroma Massage
Stress, muscle tension and lack of energy can all be addressed with a customized massage where you determine the amount of time you want to spend on your treatment. After a thorough consultation, your therapist will provide you with the best combination of products and massage techniques which can include Swedish/relaxation, deep tissue/therapeutic and stretching.
60 min- $120
90 min- $180

Professional Stress-Fix™ Body Massage
A focused treatment that uses Swedish massage techniques along with some deep tissue techniques to reduce muscular tension and increase circulation in high stress areas of the body- shoulders, neck, face, upper back and forearms- along with a specific foot reflexology treatment. Guests will be guided through a meditation to enhance the benefits of stress relief and increased energy.
60 min – $120
90 min- $180

Chakra Balancing Massage
The Chakra Balancing Massage is an innovative treatment that focuses on the Chakra energy centers using a variety of massage techniques. The treatment uses the AVEDA Chakra Balancing Blends with deep tissue massage on the back and spinal muscles, Chakra Reflexology massage for the feet and energy work to help balance the Chakra centers. A guided meditation will help to further reduce stress, decrease muscle tension and increase energy. A Chakra Balancing Mist is yours as a gift to take home.
60 min- $145

Christmas Farm Inn and Spa Signature Massage
A customized massage with our signature aroma blend of peppermint, vanilla and cinnamon.
60 min- $120
90 min- $180

Fusion Stone Massage
A customized massage with warm stones for deep relaxation of the muscles and the aromatic power of Aveda Pure Flower and Plant Essences.
60 min- $130
90 min- $190

Deep Tissue Massage
A therapeutic massage using firm pressure and slow strokes to reach deeper layers of muscle and fascia. Deep tissue massage addresses chronic aches and pain in areas such as neck and upper back, low back pain, leg muscle tightness, and sore shoulders.
60 min- $130
90 min- $190

Prenatal Massage
Massage therapy during pregnancy is a wonderful complementary choice for prenatal care. It is a healthy way to reduce stress and promote overall wellness. Massage relieves many of the normal discomforts experienced during pregnancy, such as backaches, stiff neck, leg cramps, headaches and edema (or swelling). *Please note, our therapists do not perform prenatal massage in the first trimester of pregnancy.
60 min- $130

Upgrades to Your Massage without Added Time

Scalp Massage Upgrade
This scalp treatment is customized with an Aveda Aroma Essential Oil Blend made from pure flower and plant essences is a perfect enhancement to any massage or facial.

Foot Scrub
This optional add-on is designed to soften your feet; enjoy a salt scrub followed by a hot steam towel wrap and an application of Aveda’s Foot Relief lotion. This scrub can be easily incorporated into your treatment without added time.

Facial Lymphatic Drainage
Reduce puffiness and the appearance of fine lines with this gentle treatment to the face.

CBD Oil Upgrade
Add CBD oil to any massage; choose from rose, lavender or unscented to use in your treatment and take the bottle home with you after treatment.

Upgrades to Your Massage with Added Time

Extremity Ease
Our hands, feet and scalp are loaded with nerve endings that are all too often overlooked in traditional massage. For total relaxation and stress relief, enjoy a massage to hands and feet, a scalp massage with your choice of Aveda Essential Oil Blend while your hands and feet are warmed with our Herbal mitts and booties. Pure bliss! This is beneficial as a stand-alone treatment, or a great add-on to any of our other services. This treatment includes a Travel Size Hand Relief and Foot Relief gift.
30 min – $75*
*Add on only.

Aveda Aroma Salt Scrub
A full body exfoliation treatment featuring customized Aveda products and Aromas. The treatment includes a full body exfoliation and hydration which will leave your skin soft and glowing. Customize your scrub with one of our Aveda Aromas. Choose between Beautifying, Shampure, Stress Fix or Rosemary Mint.
30 min – $75*
*Add on only.

Aveda Aroma Body Polish
This treatment is an exfoliating body treatment featuring customized Aveda body care products and aromas that helps to refresh and detoxify the body’s skin. The treatment includes an exfoliation, hydration, and scalp/ foot massage techniques.
30 min – $75*
*Add on only.

CBD Rose Glow Body Scrub
A rose scented body scrub to exfoliate, hydrate and relax.
30 min – $70*
*Add on only.


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"This is my 3rd trip to this spa for massage, and, although it didn't need to, it keeps getting better! The staff goes out of their way to make us feel comfortable and valued, and the setting is beautiful.. Words can't describe the massages given by Linda, other than I wish I could go there every day for the rest of my life! Heavenly!! Can't wait to return!!!!!"
— Lori BR, Providence, Rhode Island


"I indulged in a facial..., while my significant other. went for an hour long massage... Both were heavenly. The people here are so friendly and knowledgeable. They make you feel right at home. So glad we decided to do this; it won't be our last time at CFI..."
— Lauren L., Southcoast, MA


"Enjoyed a fabulous massage at the Spa just prior to making the five our trip home. It was such a relaxing experience and the whole Spa area is a great addition to the overall experience at the Inn."
— Penny, Queensbury, NY

History of Christmas Farm Inn Name

The Inn is not 'Christmas themed' but rather received its name from the gifting of the property at Christmas time – renamed the ‘Christmas Farm’ in honor of the season and spirit of the gift.