Enjoy the White Mountains Winter with Crampons and Microspikes | Christmas Farm Inn & Spa

Enjoy White Mountains winter with special gear like cramponsThe White Mountains are glorious in winter and spring, but sometimes that fresh powder snow can get packed down over time. When there isn’t newly fallen snow covering it with more layers of fluffy white, you might need some special gear to properly enjoy the outdoors. That’s where crampons and microspikes come in– to help you enjoy the White Mountains winter.

Why use Microspikes?

Crampons and microspikes are handy tools that increase traction and safety as you maneuver over frozen surfaces. Crampons attach to the soles of your shoes or boots, providing grip through spikes that stab into the ground like small knives that work to provide a steadier footing. Use them for hiking on snow-covered slopes or trails, and other slick surfaces like ice-covered rock and ground.

These tools can also help increase service areas. Have you ever hiked in deep snow and had your feet sink a foot or so deep with each step taken? It can be annoying and exhausting having to high-step through the snow on a long trail! Lifting your foot and leg high enough to clear the snow’s surface for each following step can be tedious to say the least. Some attachments can increase the surface area of your shoe and help prevent that deep sinking with each step.

Crampons and microspikes can make White Mountains winter adventures more accessible!What’s the Difference Between Microspikes and Crampons?

Crampons: Designed for steeper slopes, ice climbing, deep snow, and rocky terrain, crampons are more rugged, strapping onto the bottom of shoes or boots with thick straps. They generally feature a thick metal frame and long spikes, usually about 1” in length.

Microspikes: Microspikes are generally used for backpacking or trail running on slopes that are more moderate, but still snowy or icy. These tools are light and ideal for long distance wear and ultra-light backpacking trips in winter when you might encounter icy, slippery terrain. Spikes on these are much shorter than crampon spikes, generally measuring about ¼ to ½ an inch in length.

Don’t Let Winter Weather Deter You

The White Mountains area is really incredible and has much to enjoy all year long; however, there’s something about the winter that turns the place to magic. Don’t let the snow and ice deter you from your visit! There are really fun and creative ways to experience the area in any weather conditions. Try microspikes, or crampons if you’re ultra adventurous, and you can hike, see the sites, and even go for a wintery trail run with confidence.

Book your White Mountains winter excursion today, and stay with us at the Christmas Farm Inn! Our staff can help with winter activity suggestions for the whole family.