Spa Getaway NH– Top 5 Reasons Traveling is Good for Your Health | Christmas Farm Inn & Spa

Plan your spa getaway NH! Why? We'll give you 5 reasons why travel is good for your health.This life is fast, isn’t it? We’re riddled with responsibilities. We spend our weekdays handling work crises, navigating the throes of parenting, and trying to also make time to cook balanced meals, pencil in regular exercise, and see friends and family when we can manage. But how much of our time is set aside for just us? For most of us, it really isn’t much time at all. So why not set aside some time for a trip to relax and reset? Your spa getaway NH is calling, and Christmas Farm Inn is awaiting your arrival!

On top of just being a lot of fun, traveling also presents some pretty great health benefits that might entice you to hit that “book now” button, and come stay with us at CFI. We’ve narrowed it down to our top five reasons traveling is good for your health, and if they don’t convince you to start planning now– well then, my friend, nothing will.

1– Travel relieves stress.

HELLO! As if you need another reason after this one. We’re all stressed to some degree. And traveling is a great way to press pause on all those everyday life responsibilities that can weigh you down, and just enjoy a little time doing things for fun. Especially when you visit us in the Jackson/North Conway, New Hampshire area, your stresses will melt away as you drive through the beautiful White Mountains. Planning to travel in the fall? Even better. You’ll love seeing the beautiful changing leaves on your visit to New Hampshire. Oh, and did we mention our on-site spa? Your vacation plans just got a lot more relaxing. Our Aveda spa services will ensure your stresses melt away during your spa getaway NH.

Christmas Farm Inn is the perfect lodging spot for your spa getaway NH, with an Aveda spa on site.

2– Vacationing can reduce risk of heart disease.

We all know healthy eating and an active lifestyle can help reduce the risk of developing dangerous health conditions like heart disease, but did you know that travel can have a similar effect?

While anecdotal evidence has hinted at the benefits of taking a break from work, research is now showing that vacationing can be great for heart health. Essentially the findings are that a person can reduce their metabolic symptoms and risk of cardiovascular disease by merely taking a vacation. The New York Times reported that taking a vacation every two years can lessen the risk of coronary heart disease and heart attacks. Novel!

3– Traveling promotes physical activity.

It’s easy to be sedentary when you’re stuck in the rut of your day to day routine. But changing it up in a new town with new things to do and see can help inspire you to move your body. Go for a stroll, take a White Mountains hike, see the sights. This physical activity will also give you energy, helping you to make the most of your getaway!

4– Fun trips spark joy!

Even just dreaming about and planning trips can make you happy and excited, which is great for your mental health. You can research and figure out what sights you want to see, what restaurants you want to eat at, what breweries, bars, or museums you want to check out– and planning can be one of the most invigorating parts of the vacation experience. This planning process can also help boost happiness by giving you something to look forward to, and taking your mind off the stresses of the day.

That spa getaway NH will also be great for improving mindfulness!5– Being somewhere new improves mindfulness.

Have you ever noticed that when you’re away from home or your regular surroundings, you feel more stimulated and more present or tuned in? Well, that’s a real thing. Traveling presents a break for us in our everyday routines, which means we can’t just absentmindedly muddle through our days doing the same old things, visiting the same familiar places, eating the same familiar meals. Your vacation gives you a chance to be fully aware, take in the newness around you, and really enjoy your time.

So what’s the hold up? Go ahead and plan your spa getaway NH, book your stay at the Christmas Farm Inn, plan your spa treatments, and start reaping the myriad health benefits that come along with traveling. We can’t wait to host you!