Murder Mystery Dinner Near Me | Christmas Farm Inn & Spa

A person participating in a Murder Mystery Dinner Near Me

Detectives, get your notebooks ready! Can you find the clues and solve our murder mystery dinner?

Join us on March 16th, 2024 for an exciting night of murder mystery dinner near me fun! Keep your eyes peeled and your wits sharpened as you work together to unravel the clues and solve the mystery. This exclusive event is one-of-a-kind and seating is limited – so act fast before all spots fill up. Don’t miss out on this thrilling evening that you won’t soon forget! To reserve your spot, call 603-383-4313 Extension 4 and book reservations for March 15th-17th. This exclusive 2-night stay experience is only available for booking over the phone.

This murder mystery dinner near me will test your wits and keep you on your toes.

Join us March 15th-17th and enjoy cozy accommodations and an unforgettable murder mystery dinner near me hosted in our historic barn. Participation in the event includes a Welcome Investigation Packet, a social hour to mingle with fellow detectives, and an interactive murder mystery dinner event with a decadent three-course buffet. Help solve the mystery with your choice of engagement level while enjoying an incredible meal with mystery enthusiasts like yourself. Don’t worry, there are no lines to learn!

Booking Instructions

To reserve your spot for the murder mystery dinner event on March 16th at 5:30 pm in our historic Barn, you must book a two-night stay at Christmas Farm Inn on March 15th-17th. This exclusive experience can only be booked via phone call at 603-383-4313 Extension 4. Due to limited availability, it’s recommended to call as soon as possible to secure your spot!