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Bridal Registry Tips for Your New Hampshire Wedding


All the traditional rules for registries have changed in recent years, with more and more couples waiting to get married and many living together before tying the knot. With that in mind, it can be difficult to know what to add to a registry, here are some places and ideas to get you started!


What You Actually Need


One reason why registries have evolved so much and even lately have become less popular amongst certain couples, is that the traditional items are often no longer needed by the couple. By living together or even already owning their own home, the tried and true items like kitchen gadgets, plates and linens are often not needed to add to a registry.

Instead, larger items that guests can contribute towards on a registry site, rather than outright purchasing from a vendor, are becoming more popular. For example, you might have more than enough towels, yet are looking to create the living room of your dreams. Add the perfect sofa that will complete the look to your registry and request something you truly need to start your new life together.


What You Will Actually Use


Don’t be tempted to add items that are cliche registry gifts if you won’t use them. Adding things just to include them will only introduce clutter into your home and take registry space away from items you will actually make use of. Aspirational items like novelty bakeware or the seasonal decor that you’ve always planned on getting are great options, but only if you have a plan in place for using them beyond merely thinking you will someday.

Rather than adding yet another set of sheets you’ll reserve only for guests or that expensive kitchen mixer you’ll never touch, look for everyday items that need replacing and select the upgraded model. Blenders, vacuum and steam cleaners, more durable cookware, etc.; anything you’ll use everyday will be a great choice to include on your registry!


What You Actually Want


Now the fun one, there are lots of ways to incorporate your passions as a couple into your registry. Since you’re planning the perfect New Hampshire wedding, go ahead and add your perfect New Hampshire trip as a fund for people to contribute towards. For those with outdoor interests add some camping gear you’ll enjoy as a couple for years to come, or if you’re more indoor-focused come back for a romantic weekend getaway.


What You Can Actually Store


Creating a registry can almost take on the feel of a kid in a candy store, but resist this urge! Yes, it would be amazing to add anything and everything you think you might want and need, down to the fun, seasonal vase and massive Adirondack chairs you love. Take a step back and ask yourself not only if you need it, but if you have space for it or the storage for it if it’s seasonal. You want to be carefully building your life together, not merely filling up your home with stuff because you can.