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An image of a total solar eclipse, as Christmas Farm Inn provides the best eclipse viewer tips.

On April 8th, the 2024 North American Total Solar Eclipse will cross areas of Mexico, Canada, and the United States, allowing millions of eclipse viewers to witness the magical experience in the sky. This extremely rare coast-to-coast celestial event won’t happen again for another 22 years, and countless people are planning trips to have a chance to see this amazing spectacle. 

If you’re planning a trip to experience this potentially once-in-a-lifetime event, you’ll need to be prepared for a fun and safe eclipse viewer experience! At the Christmas Farm Inn, we’re lucky to be in almost completely in the path of totality and are sharing our best tips for viewing the 2024 eclipse.

Best Eclipse Viewer Tips

These 10 tips will help you make sure your eclipse viewing experience is a total success. The key things to remember are to prioritize sun safety, comfort, and of course, have a good time!

  1. Protect Your Vision:
    • Wear Solar Eclipse Approved Viewing Glasses: This is the most important tip of them all! Looking directly at the sun can cause permanent damage to your eyes and affect your vision. Before the eclipse reaches totality, it is extremely important to wear solar eclipse viewing glasses any time you look at the sky.
  2. Location Selection:
    • Choose a Clear Viewing Spot: Opt for a location with a clear and unobstructed view of the sky. Avoid areas with tall buildings or dense tree cover that might block your view of the eclipse. You don’t want to make a trip somewhere only to miss the eclipse!
  3. Weather Awareness:
    • Check Weather Conditions: Keep an eye on the weather forecast for the area leading up to the eclipse day. Cloudy skies can obscure the view, so choose a location with a higher likelihood of clear skies. You may want to bring an umbrella, just in case it starts to rain during the eclipse.
  4. Comfort Preparations:
    • Bring Comfortable Seating: If you plan on spending an extended period watching the eclipse, bring comfortable seating like blankets or folding chairs to enhance your overall comfort. Much of your day will be spent waiting for the eclipse to reach totality in your area, so you may want to bring some activities like games or a book as well!
  5. Camera and Binoculars:
    • Photography Considerations: If you’re interested in capturing the eclipse on camera, bring a solar filter for your camera lens. Avoid using your camera or binoculars without proper solar filters, as the intense sunlight can damage the equipment and harm your eyes.
  6. Eclipse Apps and Websites:
    • Use Apps for Timing: There are various apps and websites dedicated to tracking celestial events. These tools can provide accurate timing information for the eclipse phases in your specific location, and many of them are free! Do a quick Google search to find an app you like best.
  7. Learn About the Eclipse:
    • Educate Yourself: Familiarize yourself with the different phases of a solar eclipse. Understanding the sequence of events will enhance your appreciation of this beautiful phenomenon, and you’ll impress your friends when you tell them everything you know! Read about solar eclipse facts on our blog to learn more.
  8. Bring Snacks and Refreshments:
    • Pack Snacks and Drinks: Depending on your chosen viewing location, it might be a good idea to bring some snacks and beverages to keep yourself energized and hydrated during the eclipse. Bring plenty of water, nutritious snacks like nuts or fruit, and maybe a little treat or beverage to toast when the eclipse reaches totality. At the Christmas Farm Inn’s eclipse viewing event, we’ll provide our guests with some eclipse-themed snacks and drinks to celebrate!
  9. Share the Experience:
    • Invite Friends and Family: Watching a solar eclipse alone is great, but watching it with loved ones and making memories is even better! Consider inviting friends, family, or neighbors to join you for the event.
  10. Record Your Experience:
    • Keep a Journal or Take Photos: Seeing an eclipse is a magical event, so document your thoughts and observations about it! Taking photos or keeping a journal can help you cherish the memories of this unique event.

Experience the 2024 Solar Eclipse with Christmas Farm Inn

Get ready for the extraordinary magic of the 2024 total solar eclipse with Christmas Farm Inn! Our eclipse viewer tips have surely sparked your anticipation, and we’re thrilled to invite you to join us for an unforgettable celebration. The excitement is building, and we’re gearing up for a week of fantastic events leading up to and on the day of the eclipse.

We’ll celebrate with an eclipse-themed party, with themed menus and cocktails to get everyone excited for the main event. We’re not stopping there, though—our team is diligently planning additional fun activities and parties throughout the entire eclipse week, ensuring an experience that will stay with you forever.

Don’t miss out on this rare cosmic spectacle! Secure your spot by booking your stay for the eclipse weekend now. With the high anticipation surrounding this event, we recommend reserving your spot as soon as possible. 

To book, visit our website or call us at (603) 383-4313. We can’t wait to share this extraordinary experience with you!