5 (or 10) Reasons a White Mountains Hotel is Better than Vacation Rentals | Christmas Farm Inn & Spa

Because Mom Needs a Break Too!

Being a Mom is amazing! Yet it takes every ounce of our being– physically, mentally and emotionally– to juggle that neverending to-do list. School runs, kids’ activities, food shopping, meal planning and cooking, laundry, cleaning, homework…Moms do it all. But who looks after Mom?

Taking care of everyone else usually means that Moms’ needs and wishes have to settle for a comfortable, 18-year snooze on the back seat of this crazy journey called life. ‘I really should go for a walk/have that massage/organize some me-time/sleep in,’ Moms think daily– and yes, you should!

Well, We are here for you, Moms, giving you all the compelling reasons why you should stay at our full-service Inn on your next family getaway to the White Mountains. Get ready to win this debate using these loaded arguments:

Enjoy breakfast at our White Mountains Hotel restaurant1– No Cooking

Yes, cooking at home is cheaper than eating out, but what value do you place on your time and nerves? We believe you are no longer on a getaway if you are still planning, shopping, and cooking for family meals, and what’s more, without your regular kitchen routine and efficiency. And not to forget after-dinner clean up when everyone miraculously disappears to the bathroom…

Team Mom is here to start you off every day with a large breakfast menu of entrees cooked to everyone’s liking to fill you up for the day. Stop by the front desk on your way out to reserve your table for dinner at a time that suits your family and plans for the day– no waiting, no buzzers, no hangry children running around in the parking lot. Instead, a set table with ice water waiting, a chilled cocktail or beer, delicious food, and s’mores by the firepit. So nice.

2– No Cleaning

You’d think that this does not need any further explaining, but still here goes: our Team Mom believes that a dream vacation starts with no chores; when check-out day comes around, why not enjoy a leisurely breakfast, a last walk to the waterfall or a swim at the pool, then shop for some local delicacies to enjoy at home that will make memories of the NH escape linger long after you return home.
Compare this to a morning of cooking and cleaning up after breakfast, clearing out the fridge, stripping beds, collecting all the towels, wiping surfaces, removing trash– all before midday. Just…why?

3– Ahhhmenities

Amenities are a mom’s best friend! Kids love our indoor pool and hot tub, which are fun year-around, and in the summertime kids can let off more steam in our large, outdoor pool and adjacent playground. Grab a s’mores kit, and head to the firepit for some socializing and stargazing. Our Santa’s Story Land Package comes with a welcome kit that includes a wallet filled with Santa Dollars the kids can spend in our gift shop, spa, and restaurant– maybe they will even buy something for you! Forgot your toothbrush, contact lenses case or one kid’s allergy is flaring up? Our gift shop has got you covered. Finally, have that massage or any other relaxing treatment at our Aveda Spa– you deserve it! Massages are a stressbuster, relieving tense muscles and minds, and letting you rejoin your family with a new calm.

Enjoy the relaxing spa services at our White Mountains hotel4– Get Advice from the Locals

All our departments bat for Team Mom, so whatever you need, we are here for you; The front desk team is a great resource for discounted tickets, things to do on rainy days, to assist you with future reservations, or to help you extend your stay if you are having too much fun to go. Maintenance issues can be reported and addressed right away. If Murphy’s Law strikes, we have our room inventory to tap into or will get on the phone for you– we will not leave you stranded. Speaking of which– we will even help you jump start your car if need be! Our housekeepers have a welcome treat for Fido, and are always happy to supply more bedding and towels when you call. The dining room crew is ready with a special kids’ menu and activities, and will keep the Shirley Temples flowing. We are at your service!

5– Location

Location, location, location! Referred to as ‘The gem of the White Mountains,’ Jackson is one of the most picturesque and charming places to bring your family. Driven by old-fashioned values and a strong community spirit, Jackson remains in the hands of independent businesses that help preserve local treasures and the unique feel of the village.

Jackson Falls is a child’s paradise, just a short walk from the Inn where barefoot kids can explore smooth rocks or swim in the shallow pools. Story Land and the new Living Shores Aquarium are just a short drive away, avoiding busy North Conway traffic and intersections. Nearby you also find excellent Nordic and Alpine skiing, stunning waterfalls, and the famous hiking trails of the AMC.

These are the five most compelling reasons, but if you need a few more in your debate armory, try these because Team Mom is on fire now!:

6– We’re Pet-Friendly

We know your dog is family, so we have allocated three cottages and one room to be pet-friendly any time of year. Another item checked off your to-do list. You’re welcome.

7– Safety First!

Hotels and Inns are subject to strict regulations regarding the health and safety of our guests, and are inspected annually to make sure detectors are in working order, fire escapes are in place and clearly marked, and occupancy does not exceed the allowed fire code, etc. All this sounds rather tedious, but it is with your safety in mind. We’ll worry about it so you don’t have to.

8– Make New Friends

Making new friends on vacation is one of the most cherished memories for many kids. Soon, a game of Marco Polo in the pool could lead to a game of hide ’n seek or some stargazing on the lawn, or even s’mores by the fireside. Some of the best friendships have been forged by these flames, and your kids will forever remember these fun nights under the stars. Trust us, we see it all the time.

Our White Mountains hotel features indoor and outdoor pools9– Instant Booking Process

If you know what you’re looking for, you can simply book a room through our website. If you prefer to discuss your options, and get a recommendation for the best room type, just book with our front desk team. Either way, you will have an instant confirmation and guaranteed room reservation. All communication is directly with our front desk with no middleman required in the process (unless you chose to use a third-party site). Check-in is quick, easy, and professional (not a key under the mat or complicated meeting arrangements with the owner and check-in lists). Save your time, Moms, and make it easy on yourselves. We know you only have a nanosecond to book this getaway.

10– Security

The White Mountains of New Hampshire are one of the safest places to take your family. For added peace of mind, our Inn is easily found on any GPS, and will have staff members on site at any time to help you. Vacation rentals can be tucked away on quiet side streets with no guarantee of neighbors should you need assistance, and owners often do not live in the area.

There are many things to consider until you find the right vacation match for you and your family. That said, we hope we turn out to be your match made in vacation heaven.

Your Innkeeper, Sandra AKA: Team Mom