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Over 80,000 families visit Story Land annually and there certainly is no shortage of places to stay in our glorious valley; so many choices, yet so little time and patience to research them all to find the best solution for your family.

Let me make it easy for you! Here are my top 5 reasons why your family should stay at the Christmas Farm Inn on your next StoryLand adventure:

1. We do not include tickets!
Why is this a good thing? Because we highly recommend that you make the most of your Story Land visit by going for two days instead of just one. For the same price. How? If you buy your tickets after 3 pm on your day of arrival you can use them the next day as well! This is genius, because you get to scout out the park, get a few rides under your belly and tell your kids you get to go again the next day! AND you will avoid the lines getting into the park on both days. Brilliant. (StoryLand lodging packages that include ‘tickets’ actually include vouchers that need to be exchanged for tickets at the box office, so you will be stuck in the same lines as same day buyers…)

2. No traffic!
It is 5pm, you thought it wise to leave an hour before the park closes to avoid traffic only to find out that half the park had the same idea…you line up and turn on your left blinker, North Conway bound. And then you wait. And wait. The traffic light down the road creates a Story Land bottleneck every evening as parents are battling the busy lane in the opposite direction whilst trying to also secure a space in the chocked-up waiting lane…I can feel the anxiety just writing this! And THEN you hit the first set of lights in North Conway…

Meanwhile, the Jackson bound parents also have to line up in the parking lot, but with their right blinker on…which means entering the traffic flow with no lights and no traffic, just an easy 3 minutes up the road. Honestly, it is that close and that easy. Home in 3 minutes. Done. Once over the Jackson covered bridge, let the charm and quiet of Jackson village soothe your buzzing ears and wired nerves…

3. Walk to one of the best waterfalls!
Yes, walk, no need to take the car. Whether at the start or end of the day, your kids will love it there. Jackson Falls is a mere 5-minute walk away from the Inn and do keep an eye out for moose and beavers at the pond along the way. This waterfall is perfect for simply cooling hot, swollen feet, going for a swim in one of the many natural pools or climbing on the rocks. Stunning vistas and a refreshing date with nature; don’t miss it!

Storyland hotels4. Have dinner when YOU want to!
No more hour-long waits in the parking lot, no more staring at buzzers, no more listening to the whining of ‘starving’ children; with a little planning in the morning your dinner table could be waiting for you with filled water glasses, paper and crayons and the a/c on full blast. Simply book your table ahead of time (ideally after breakfast before heading out) and enjoy a civilized family dinner before 10pm! And one more thing: we do movie night every night in the adjacent sitting room so Mom & Dad can actually finish their much-needed beverages. Bliss.

5. For the ahhhs and ohhhs in life!
We are a historic, quaint country Inn, but we are also so much more! Kids can let off steam in our indoor or outdoor pool or on the playground. After your very civilized dinner (yes, I am still on about that), get a s’mores kit at the front desk for the fire pit and do some star-gazing. Some of the best friendships have been forged by these flames and your kids will always remember these fun nights under the stars. Trust me, I hear it all the time.

But what about the parents, I hear you think, where is the big easy for them? Well, the pools are an easy agenda item for the lone parent who selflessly lets their partner enjoy a treatment in our Aveda Spaaaahhhhhhhh…….

Enjoy your summer, folks!
Your Innkeeper Sandra