Happy Halloween at Christmas Farm Inn!

Bring A Friend Halloween Dinner Special

Bring A Friend – 2 for 1 Halloween Dinner Special

Leave your house dark and get away from those pesky kids with our Bring-A-Friend Halloween Dinner Special

Enjoy special haunted treats from our Wicked Chef – guaranteed to make your skin crawl**

Deep Fried Cellar Spiders with Sticky House Goo Dip
Psycho Salad Greens with Warm Blood Dressing (locally sourced)
Boiled Gums of Dracula with Garlic Worm and Rotten Apple Compote
Hurling Pea Soup – Exorcist Style (you know you want to try it!)

Seared Scorpion Stingers served on a nest of Burnt Witches Hair
Hansel and Gretel Chunky Pot Stew dusted with Forest-found Bread Crumbs
Baked-stuffed Headless Horseman drizzled with acid Pumpkin jus
Rabid Zombie Meat Kebab (served rare on a stick)

Baked Razor Apple Crumble with U-Scream-I-Scream Sauce (just like your neighbor used to make)
Hand-whipped Pimple Puss Pudding sprinkled with Teen Aged Black Heads (Yum!)
Sweet Slime Coated Cadaver Eyes topped with Coffin Crunchy Finger Nails (still growing)

**Our regular 2 for 1 menu is also available. Alternatively, ask the chef to make our Hector Hannibal’s – Having A Friend for Dinner special – prepared to your taste. You bring the friend.